| Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
Kuwait University – 2008

Master’s degree in Business Administration
Ahlia University in Bahrain – 2012

| Certification

Kuwait Prize ‘’Excellence and Creativity in Entrepreneurship’’
March 13,2019

PMP = Project Management Professional
January 21,2022 - Result = Above target

Aeronautical Knowledge Ground Training
May 14,2022

| Intro

Sadeq Qasem is a multi-award-winning inventor with an entrepreneurial spirit and a constant drive to advance the science and technology field with innovative concepts. He is an advocate for the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights and a global patent holder with over 20 inventions.

| Career

Qasem’s career had a quick start in 2008, when only three days after his graduation, he was headhunted by Mr. Bader Ahmed Al Sharhan, the owner of Al Sharhan industries, and was offered a position in the Product Development Department. In 2012, he joined the Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC), a subsidiary of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. With a thirst for growing the science and technology field, he built the Innovation Department alongside the center’s then-Director General, Dr. Omar Al Bannai. As the head of the Department, he supervised and guided on the complexities of the innovation process. From the business side of things to conceptualization and realization, he helped transform ingenious ideas into tangible products and services.

With a true passion for individual progression and broadening his horizon, Qasem never misses a chance to attend seminars, conferences, and exhibitions in his field. As a celebrated innovator and motivational speaker, he is the first Kuwaiti inventor to be included in the public school curriculum. He is also the only winner of Qatar’s Stars of Science without a science degree or a background in a related field. A truly inquisitive mind and tech enthusiast, Qasem is also a licensed Commercial Pilot certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA.

Today, Qasem continues his journey into the world of innovation by teaching at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. Within the College of Business Studies, he runs Management courses for small businesses and trains them on the fundamentals of Management. With a desire to give back to his community, Qasem dedicates his time to raising local awareness on protecting IP rights and supporting young people entering the science and technology field.

| Patents & Inventions

Qasem has over 20 inventions in various fields and holds nine patents registered in the USA, China, and the GCC. One of his most well-known inventions is The Alchemist, which won him first place in Qatar Foundation’s televised science competition, Stars of Science.

The Alchemist is an automated chemicals preparation apparatus that helps prepare consistent chemical samples. Comprising five main sample preparation techniques (heating, cooling, mixing, shaking, and extraction), the innovative device saves time and energy while minimizing human errors and overhead costs.

Following The Alchemist’s success, Qasem invented the gadget that put him on the map in the global market. Dukhoon, translating in Arabic to the fragrant smoke released from burning aromatic biotic materials, is a revolutionary incense device that has sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

Realizing the impracticability and safety concerns of traditional open-faced, coal-burning incense devices, in 2016, Qasem created a small, gun-shaped, electrical incense burner. Eliminating all the risks of open fire and coal usage, he made it safe to use incense burners on the go. As he singlehandedly developed a brand-new business model for his invention, he was already backed by a team of 80 people. He collaborated with specialists from around the world for product development, and in 2018, he managed to successfully put Dukhoon on the shelves worldwide.

As Dukhoon took over the market by storm, Qasem faced legal challenges in the commercialization of IP. An individual from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia filed a lawsuit claiming that the inventive device was originally his idea. After disproving this claim and winning the case, Qasem had to be involved in several legal disputes in Kuwait to clean the market off of the knockoff products. The legal conflicts concerning Dukhoon challenged the perspective on IP rights and changed the methodology to protect IP ownership.

Today, Dukhoon continues to dominate the market with its innovative approach to incense heating. Recognized worldwide as the future of aroma diffusers, in 2022, Dukhoon was placed second in New York Product Design Awards within the Household Appliances & Accessories - Aroma Diffuser category. Backing his innovative concept with a sleek design and top functionality, Qasam has transformed the incense market with his Silver Award Winning device.